Do you like rainy days ielts speaking? (2023)

Do you like rainy days ielts?

1 Do you like rainy days? Yes, absolutely! I love all the freshness around, the cool breeze and petrichor after heavy rain. It's wonderful!

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Do you like rainy days answer?

Answer: I like rainy days because I like to be outside and feel the rain on my skin. I like the smell of the rain, I like the effect it has on the garden, and I love watching the rain fall out my window. It makes my imagination run wild, and it just looks so nice.

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Do you like wet weather ielts speaking?

Do you like wet weather? Answer:- I would say partially. Wet weather means rainy. So one side we can enjoy a long ride with friends and family and sometimes have a hot tea or hot maggie.

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How do rainy day make you feel ielts?

IELTS Speaking Question 3: How do rainy days make you feel? Answers A) Well! Along with rain drops, rainy days bring ecstatic changes around us. We can enjoy variety of dishes sitting at home and seeing rain drops makes us feel blissful indeed.

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Why do you like rainy weather?

They can feel their feelings better

Rain lovers usually have more sensitive senses. They can describe rain in much greater details, from the rhythm of the rain to how each rain drop changes the view outside the window. They can also enjoy the fresh smell of rain and the sensation when the rain drops touch their skin.

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How do you feel on rainy days?

During the rain, you are suddenly lethargic, think sad thoughts, daydream, and don't want to do anything other than stay at home. A study in the journal Science found that about nine percent of people hate rain because it causes feelings of anger and unhappiness.

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Do you prefer rainy days or sunny days ielts?

Question 8:- Do you prefer rainy days or sunny days? Answer:- I prefer both because in the summer season I love rainfall because it makes me comfortable and I can escape from warm weather such as sweating, but in the winter season, I love sunny weather because sunny days really make me relax.

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Why rainy days are the best?

The fresh water rain provides is essential to the survival of every living organism, from plants to animals to humans. Fresh water sources are depleted by the natural process of evaporation, and rainy days replace that lost water. Plus, it's just so pretty when it rains!

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What do you do on rainy day ielts?

Question 9:- What do you do on rainy days (or on a rainy day)? Answer:- Usually, on a rainy day, I don't like to go out. I like to sit with my family members, and we spend our time fruitfully. Apart from this, I read some novels or watched a movie.

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What weather do you like most in ielts?

What kind of weather do you like most? I really love rainy weather. It's so nice when it's cool outside and there's a little bit of rain. I also feel so cozy staying inside and watching a storm roll in.

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Do you like the weather in your hometown ielts speaking?

Do you like the weather in your hometown? Answer:- Well, the weather in my hometown, as I already told you that it is neither cold nor warm. But people feel very happy in this weather basically they go outside in the morning and in the evening and enjoy living there.

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How can I talk about weather in ielts?

Part 1
  1. The weather in my country is pretty nice. We have a mild climateA climate without extreme weather conditions., so it's never boiling hot. ...
  2. Yes, absolutely! I like when it rains... ...
  3. No, not really... ...
  4. It may sound strange, but my favourite weather is when it is cloudy, windy and drizzling. ...
  5. Yes, it does...

Do you like rainy days ielts speaking? (2023)
What do you like doing the most when it rains?

Top 20 Rainy Day Activities
  • Make a pillow fort. The classic living room fort that sparks the creative engineer inside us all. ...
  • Bake something delicious. Baking doesn't have to be unhealthy. ...
  • Games. Board games. ...
  • Venture out of the house. Go to a museum or aquarium. ...
  • Play dates. ...
  • Puzzles. ...
  • Movie marathon. ...
  • Arts and crafts.

Why do you like rainy season essay?

The rain showers bring much comfort to men and animals. The rain cools down the air, and the temperature rapidly drops, making the weather extremely pleasing. There is more greenery around us during the monsoon season as flora and fauna grow. Optimal rainfall is vital for crop cultivation.

How would you describe a rainy day in words?

Gloomy is similar in meaning to dismal; gloomy weather can cause depression and poor moods, but the difference is that the gloomy, rainy weather can cause the sky to become dark/grey, even if it is early in the day. “Even though it's just 1 PM, the gloomy weather makes it feel like it's late in the afternoon.”

Why are rainy days relaxing?

“Rain has a regular, predictable pattern,” says Emily Mendez, MS, EdS. “Our brain processes it as a calming, non-threatening noise. Which is why there are so many relaxation and meditation videos that feature the sound of rain.”

Is rainy season a nice time of the year Why?

In the wet season, air quality improves, fresh water quality improves, and vegetation grows substantially, leading to crop yields late in the season. Rivers overflow their banks, and some animals retreat to higher ground. Soil nutrients diminish and erosion increases.

Do you like the rain What do you do when it rains?

Yes, I like rain and prefer to take a bath in the rain for some time. But when it rains heavily, I stay inside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Can you share three good things about rain?

6) Rainy day is also a boon for trees, plants, birds and animals. 7) Rainy day rejuvenates us by making weather pleasant and cool. 8) Everything in nature looks refreshing, colourful and fresh on a rainy day. 9) Rainy day provides respite to a tropical country from intense heatwave.

What do you think of rain?

Expert-verified answer

The smell of rain gets my spirits high. To see the leaves all dancing and trees shining is an immensely breath-taking a scene. The sound of rain pattering is the most soothing and satisfying sound ever. Heavy rain is an inconvience for farmers and people living in low-lying areas.

Why do I like rainy days more than sunny days?

Some psychologists argue that because our brain craves sensory input. The sound of rain or a thunder storm can appease the brain's demands, which then calms us down. Sun, on the other hand, doesn't do anything to diminish sensory input and keeps our brains wanting more stimulation.

Do you like sunny days ielts speaking?

Yes, of course, I like sunny days just like most of the people! As I reside in a place, where summer is the most visible season in the year, but during the monsoon months, I feel really dull. I prefer hot sunny days as I can at least go out in it.

Why do you prefer sunny day?

Exposure to sunlight is thought to increase the brain's release of a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. At night, darker lighting triggers the brain to make another hormone called melatonin.

Is the rain good for you?

Walking in the rain helps to speed up your metabolism and has a positive effect on your physical and mental health. Raindrops also clean toxins from the atmosphere so the air you breathe is cleaner. Varying research projects have found that: Air remains fresh during the rainy season.

What are some questions about rain?

Rain Questions
  • How does rain form? Water droplets form from warm air. ...
  • What causes rain? When clouds develop or rain occurs, something is making the air rise. ...
  • How big are raindrops? ...
  • How fast do raindrops fall? ...
  • What is virga? ...
  • What is a monsoon? ...
  • What are sinkholes? ...
  • What are the different types of sinkholes?

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