Is JJ not in season 11? (2023)

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Why is JJ not in season 11 of Criminal Minds?

A. J. Cook announced her pregnancy, a fact that was carried over to her character Jennifer "JJ" Jareau as well. Showrunner Erica Messer stated in an interview that Cook's character JJ would not appear for the first five episodes of the season as Cook was on maternity leave.

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Did JJ get fired from Criminal Minds?

Part of a mid-series shuffle based partially on budgetary constraints, Cook's character was written off the show despite her seniority and through no fault of her own.

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Is JJ coming back in season 11?

Rossi's daughter, a journalist, investigates the disappearance of a college student; JJ comes back from maternity leave.

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Is JJ in season 12 of Criminal Minds?

This was Thomas Gibson's last episode as the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) leader Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner, but, sadly, the hour focused on A.J. Cook's character FBI Agent Jennifer Jareau (J.J.).

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What episode does JJ return in season 11?

After announcing that Agent Jennifer Jareau was pregnant at the end of Season 10, we couldn't wait for her return. She was greeted by the team in the episode "Target Rich," where they surprised her with a fun welcome back office party.

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Who replaced JJ in criminal mind?

Jordan Todd

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Why did they write off JJ?

If J.J. were to exit the show, it wouldn't be the first time. After Season 5, A.J.'s character was written off, reportedly due to budget constraints. She made guest appearances for big moments on the show, including Emily Prentiss' (Paget Brewster) then-final episode.

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Why did JJ leave and come back?

After season five, JJ appeared sporadically in the storylines and during season six, she was promoted to the Pentagon, which took her away for a brief period of time. In season seven, she returned as a full-time profiler, after she claimed to have finally received the necessary training.

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Does JJ cheat in Criminal Minds?

Erica Messer wants to set the record straight: JJ and Cruz are not having an affair on Criminal Minds. "I'll say it again: They did not and are not having an affair," the showrunner tells "It only seems like they are."

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What season dies JJ come back?

During season six, she is promoted to the Pentagon. She returns in season seven as a full-time profiler, having received the necessary training.

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Does JJ ever go back to the BAU?

When JJ returned to the BAU, she did so with eyes wide open and with a new sense of purpose behind her that Cook felt was necessary. As she explained during a TV Insider retrospective after the show ended, "For JJ, the obvious thing is when she went away. A lot changed for her when she came back.

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What episode does JJ and will meet again?

Will reappears in "Nanny Dearest", where he is once again left with Henry when JJ leaves to investigate a case. When JJ returns home after closing the case, she greets him with a passionate kiss that surprises him. The two take a look at a sleeping Henry before JJ closes the door to his bedroom.

Is JJ not in season 11? (2023)
Is JJ in season 13?

Season Thirteen

In "Lucky Strikes", JJ stays behind on a case to comfort Garcia when a particular case brings memories of her being shot ten years prior. She contacts Derek Morgan to help Garcia cope. In "Cure", JJ is sent an email by the FBI's Assistant Director Linda Barnes.

Is Derek Morgan in season 13?

On October 12, 2017, it was announced that Shemar Moore would reprise his role as Derek Morgan in the fifth episode of the season ("Lucky Strikes"). His character returned to help Penelope Garcia get through a tough time.

Does JJ leave the BAU in season 13?

JJ is terminated, being forced to hand over her badge and gun.

Who Framed Hotch in season 11?

No, the real culprit turns out to be Eric Rawdon, a psychopath hell-bent on blowing up a major city, just so he can see it burn. He likely framed Hotch because the team leader wrote up Rawdon's profile and testified against him, which eventually put him in jail.

How long is Reid gone in season 11?

" executive producer Erica Messer tells of Reid's three-episode absence. "It was very funny. There are contractual things that happen that we don't control as storytellers.

Does JJ have 2 kids?

Two minor characters featured on the show were JJ's sons, Henry and Michael. If audiences could sense a certain natural chemistry between the kids and their Mom, it was with good reason. According to TV Insider, the duo was played by AJ Cook's real-life sons, Phoenix and Mekhai.

Who is the new guy in season 12 of Criminal Minds?

The second new agent is Stephen Walker, who is portrayed by Damon Gupton and was previously a member of the Behavioral Analysis Program, the FBI's counterintelligence division; he was introduced in the eighth episode.

Who got fired from Criminal Minds?

After 12 seasons as one of the only remaining original cast members, actor Thomas Gibson was fired from Criminal Minds, with FBI Special Agent Aaron Hotchner being written out of the series.

How old was JJ in season 1?

Rounding out the Pogues is fellow 16-year-old JJ.

Why did Reid leave Criminal Minds?

Opening up to Deadline (opens in new tab), the show's executive producer Erica Messer said that schedule-wise it was very difficult for Matthew to come back as Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds: Evolution. “He's been doing other projects and a lot of those were lining up during our window.

Was JJ pregnant IRL?

Yes, J.J. was really pregnant on Criminal Minds. Specifically, the actress who played J.J. (whose character's full name is Jennifer Jareau), A.J. Cook was the one who was really pregnant during filming.

Does JJ get divorced?

NIKKI and Brie Bella's brother JJ and his wife Lauren Garcia have divorced as the former couple has asked for "privacy and respect." Lauren, 34, announced her separation from JJ, 35, on Instagram.

Did JJ get recast?

In the sixth season, the part was recast, and Connor Price portrayed J.J. in "Heritage," "Ego," "Re-Entry," "Big Top," "Outcome," "Transgressions," "Drift," "Ambush," and "Denoument." Kaj-Erik Eriksen also played an older Johnny Jr.

Who replaced JJ when she is pregnant?

Todd was formerly assigned to the Counter-Terrorism Division, and had joined the BAU team as a temporary replacement for JJ while she was on maternity leave.

Why was JJ in the hospital in season 15?

Turns out, JJ didn't exactly mean it when she told Reid, "I've always loved you," at gunpoint. The truth behind JJ's confession surfaced in a bittersweet conversation between the two friends at the hospital, hours after JJ nearly died following a gunshot wound to the abdomen suffered during a tense standoff.

Does JJ Love Will or Reid?

It was the biggest twist of the season. In the finale of Criminal Minds season 14, an emotional episode that saw both a wedding and a hostage situation, JJ Jareau (played by A.J. Cook) told her longtime coworker, Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Grey Gubler) that she had loved him all along. I repeat: JJ loved Reid all along.

What is JJ's secret on Criminal Minds?

JJ finds out she's pregnant there and only shares the news with Cruz, who later has to break it to her that she lost the baby after their car came under attack while en route to a location. That's only half the story though. Their mission is compromised when JJ's informant is killed by a double agent.

Do Reid and JJ have a baby?

Henry is born. Henry was born during "Memoriam", and after the team gets to meet him after finishing a case, JJ asks Reid and Garcia to be Henry's godfather and godmother, respectively. In "Normal", JJ brings Henry to the BAU headquarters after the team solves a case, and the team takes turns holding him.

What episode does JJ return home?

Maybe Tom Wolfe got it wrong. JJ pondered that thought as she returned to her hometown and painful memories on Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 5.

What episode does JJ go missing?

When JJ is kidnapped, the BAU delves into her time at the State Department to find clues to her disappearance and uncover a secret mission that now puts her life in danger.

Are any of the Criminal Minds episodes real?

Criminal Minds: 12 Episodes You Didn't Know Were Based On Real Cases. Criminal Minds ran from 2005-2020 and the writers actually based some episodes on real-life cases. Criminal Minds is a police procedural drama that follows the lives of FBI agents in the Behavioral Analysis Unit.

Is JJ in season 16 of Criminal Minds?

Now, in an interview with TVLine, Cook shares some story details for JJ in Criminal Minds season 16. In the revival, JJ will relocate back to Virginia from New Orleans with her husband Will (Josh Stewart) and children.

Does Garcia leave the BAU?

On the series finale of “Criminal Minds,” which aired between 2005 and 2020 on CBS, the lead characters celebrated the departure of Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), who left the Behavioral Analysis Unit to explore less-murderous pastures.

Is Spencer Reid coming back to Criminal Minds?

Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is not returning for the 16th season, especially considering how prominent he was in Criminal Minds proper.

Who did Reid end up with?

Matthew Gray Gubler's Reid ran into Max while she was with her nephew. Though they had a series of awkward encounters right off the bat, he eventually won her over with his classic Reid charm. I mean, how cute was he when he picked her up and ran with her through the sprinklers? Our hearts can't take it!

What did JJ say to Reid in truth or Dare?

In “Truth or Dare,” while being held at gunpoint and with lives on the line, JJ told Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), “I've always loved you. I was just too scared to say it before.” Unfortunately, things had just become too complicated for the two. (After all, she is married with children — and Reid is their godfather.)

Does JJ marry Will?

In a twist that no one saw coming, J.J. revealed that she's, “always loved” Reid, despite the fact that she is married and has kids with her husband Will (Josh Stewart). This content is imported from poll.

Is JJ in season 15?

Criminal Minds kicks off its 15th and final season with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, and one massive question to answer: After JJ's (A.J. Cook) finale bombshell that she's secretly been in love with her longtime friend and BAU colleague, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), things were left in an awkward place between the ...

Is Reid in season 15?

Jane Lynch returned in Season 15 as Diana Reid.

Does Prentiss come back in season 14?

Emily Prentiss returns!

Everyone's favorite Interpol agent returns to Criminal Minds as a series regular this Fall. Emily Prentiss, who worked with the BAU for several seasons, will be making quite the comeback as she returns to the FBI.

Who isn t returning to Criminal Minds?

'Criminal Minds' on Paramount+

As Deadline announced in early February, Matthew isn't slated to make a grand return, leaving Spencer in the dust ... for now. That said, just because he isn't in the first two episodes, it doesn't mean his presence won't be felt in the reboot.

Who replaces Morgan on Criminal Minds?

Adam Rodriguez will replace Shemar Moore on Criminal Minds, but Derek Morgan is irreplaceable in Reid's heart. We already know that Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is not over his BFF's departure -- and he still won't be when Season 12 premieres in the fall.

Who is returning to Criminal Minds revival?

Joe Mantegna, A.J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez and Paget Brewster have already signed on to the series reboot, in addition to new cast members as well. One of those new members is Zach Gilford, from Friday Night Lights fame.

Who joins the BAU in season 12?

"The Crimson King"

Agent Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) joins the BAU team, which is tasked with capturing a killer who escaped prison with 13 other convicts at the end of last season.

Does Emily get fired in season 13?

Season Thirteen

In "Cure", Prentiss is placed under administrative leave pending an internal review by the FBI's Assistant Director of National Security, Linda Barnes, at the end of the episode.

Who leaves the BAU in season 11?

Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan)

Shemar Moore played Derek Morgan, one of the most beloved Criminal Minds characters, for 11 seasons. Toward the end of season 11, Derek left the BAU to protect his family after a life-threatening incident.

What happens to JJ in Criminal Minds?

Jennifer "JJ" Jareau is a Supervisory Special Agent who was the BAU's former liaison with police and media officials. Upon her return in Season Seven, she officially becomes a profiler while her original position has gone to Aaron Hotchner (until his departure from the BAU) and Penelope Garcia.

What season does JJ come back?

She became a full-time cast member along with Brewster's return on season 12 and through the end of the series.

Does JJ come back after season 10?

I had hopes that the latter would stick around, but she also left at the end of Season 10. So, of course CBS would want to remind fans that JJ will be back.

Did JJ cheat on Will in Criminal Minds?

Erica Messer wants to set the record straight: JJ and Cruz are not having an affair on Criminal Minds. "I'll say it again: They did not and are not having an affair," the showrunner tells

Will Spencer Reid be in season 16?

Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is not returning for the 16th season, especially considering how prominent he was in Criminal Minds proper. There's a reason for this Reid-shaped gap in the show (and it's not just because he's a fan favorite).

Does JJ return to Criminal Minds?

More Stories By Nellie. EXCLUSIVE: JJ fans can rejoice. After a week of negotiations, A.J. Cook just closed a two-year deal to return to CBS' drama Criminal Minds as a regular. She will guest star in the series' sixth season finale on May 18 before re-joining the show full-time in the fall.

What episode does JJ meet will again?

Will reappears in "Nanny Dearest", where he is once again left with Henry when JJ leaves to investigate a case. When JJ returns home after closing the case, she greets him with a passionate kiss that surprises him.

Does JJ get rehired?

Both A. J. Cook and Paget Brewster were rehired by CBS to reprise their roles as Jennifer Jareau and Emily Prentiss.

Why is Reid not in season 16?

“He's been doing other projects and a lot of those were lining up during our window. Our window of shooting was just August to December 2. It was the same with Daniel Henney, who was working on The Wheel of Time. So I wasn't able to get them, but I could get the six other cast members.

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