Is Tony DiNozzo coming back to NCIS? (2023)

Will DiNozzo ever return to NCIS?

What the 'NCIS' Boss Said About Michael Weatherly Returning as DiNozzo. NCIS has already been confirmed for Season 20—and fan attention is already on who will be returning to the CBS show. Michael Weatherly is probably top of most fans' lists when it comes to actors they want to see come back to NCIS.

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Is Michael Weatherly coming back to NCIS in 2022?

So, in theory, it would be possible for Weatherly to return to NCIS but there has been no news that he will actually be making a comeback just yet. However, NCIS showrunner Steven D Binder confirmed to TV Insider that there have been talks of him one day reprising the iconic role.

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Is Michael Weatherly returning to NCIS season 19?

As such, it seems that Weatherly is only likely to return if it was alongside the Ziva actor. With regards to this, NCIS co-showrunner Steven D. Binder said to TVLine in 2020: "We've really played, for now, all of the cards there are to play [with Ziva], so we have no plans at the moment.

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What does Tony whisper to Ziva?

In that moment, he whispers in Ziva's ear “Aht lo leh-vahd,” which means “you are not alone” in Hebrew.

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Does Tony and Ziva get married?

The Redditor admitted they were a bit behind with the show, and some commenters were quick to point out that fans have, in fact, received a bit of closure regarding the Tony-Ziva romance (It has ultimately been revealed that Ziva and Tony are happily living together with their daughter in Paris).

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Why Tony left NCIS?

Losing the dynamic between Tony and Ziva was a big reason Weatherly opted to exit, as he missed the onscreen chemistry between the two characters and working with de Pablo. Beyond that, Weatherly had grown a bit bored with playing his NCIS role after 13 years and found himself itching to pursue other projects.

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Why did they cancel Bull?

In an announcement posted to Twitter on Tuesday, Weatherly said, "I've decided it's time to pursue new creative challenges and bring [Dr. Jason Bull's] story to a close." The series was inspired by Dr. Phil McGraw's early career as a trial specialist.

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What is Ziva doing now?

However, in the season 13 finale of the series, it was stated that her character had apparently died in an explosion in Israel. Three years later in 2019, season 16 episode 'She', revealed that Ziva is alive and has gone into hiding off-screen.

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Is Bull over for good?

Unfortunately, it's officially the end of the line for the Bull series. This current season 6 is the last one. According to the folks over at , CBS chose to go ahead and cancel the series way back in January 2022 after its main star Michael Weatherly aka Jason Bull decided to quit the show.

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What episode does Ziva come back?

This spurred on Tony leaving the show in the season 13 finale but then at the end of series 16, Ziva made a comeback. She was in fact pretending to be dead in order to protect her loved ones. Ziva returned for the first few episodes of series 17, before making her way to Paris to be reunited with Tony and Tali.

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Is NCIS ending in 2022?

CBS has announced premiere dates for its fall 2022 lineup. Network cornerstone “NCIS” will return for its 20th Season on Monday, Sept. 19, followed by the second season premiere of “NCIS: Hawai'i.” Fellow franchise entry “NCIS: Los Angeles” is back for its 14th Season on Oct.

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What episode does Tony find out Ziva is alive?

After Ziva faked her death in NCIS season 13, episode 23, "Death Letter," Tony found out that the two had a daughter together and left the team to take care of her. This was the last time that Michael Weatherly's Tony was seen on screen in the series.

Is Tony DiNozzo coming back to NCIS? (2023)
What did Gibbs whisper in Ziva's ear?

You're home." "In Memory of Robert 'Bob' Bryan" appears after the final scene. When Gibbs stands up and walks towards Ziva, he leans in to whisper something. It looks like he's saying, "You're my daughter." Perhaps, in reference to Ziva calling Gibbs "the closest thing to a father that she has."

When did Ziva fall in love with Tony?

Tony was the first person to learn Ziva was alive sometime after he left NCIS. It's hinted that Ziva first began to realize her true romantic feelings for Tony when he and the team rescued her in Season 7 Episode 1: Truth or Consequences and is further hinted in Ziva's journals in Season 16 Episode 13: She.

Does DiNozzo return to NCIS season 17?

Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) and Tony DiNozzo (Micheal Weatherly) have reunited in season 17 of NCIS after being separated for over five seasons. The two, named "Tiva" by the fans, were an ongoing will-they-won't-they couple ever since Ziva's debut in season 3 of the show.

Will Tony and Ziva return to NCIS in season 18?

NCIS: Ellie Bishop says goodbye to Nicholas Torres

NCIS alum Ziva David (played by Cote de Pablo) has been absent from the series since she was last seen in season 17. There were hopes she would come back for the 18th season, though that, unfortunately, wasn't the case.

Does Tony come back in season 15?

And while there are currently no plans for Michael Weatherly to return as Tony DiNozzo, Robert Wagner will reprise his role as Tony DiNozzo Sr. this season. Laura San Giacomo is also set to return as Dr. Grace Confalone.

Does McGee leave NCIS?

With veteran actor Mark Harmon stepping back from the series as of October 2021, that leaves only two original NCIS agents in the spotlight — former medical examiner Donald "Ducky" Mallard (David McCallum) and Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray).

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