What episode does JJ give birth? (2023)

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What episode does JJ give birth?

"Criminal Minds" Memoriam (TV Episode 2008) - IMDb.

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What episode does JJ lose her baby?

Read at your own risk.] The truth is finally out. JJ's (A.J. Cook) mysterious work with the State Department was finally revealed on Criminal Minds' 200th episode Wednesday — along with her and Cruz's (Esai Morales) big secret: She suffered a miscarriage while on their mission.

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What happens in season 12 episode 2 of Criminal Minds?

This very special episode, Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 2, focuses on the criminally neglected Jennifer Jareau. it examines how the cruelty of the BAU cases affect JJ, the parent of two young boys.

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What season does JJ have her baby?

Season Four

Henry is born. Henry was born during "Memoriam", and after the team gets to meet him after finishing a case, JJ asks Reid and Garcia to be Henry's godfather and godmother, respectively.

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What episode does Reid give birth?

"Criminal Minds" Cradle to Grave (TV Episode 2009) - IMDb.

What episode does Reid find out JJ is pregnant again?

Season Ten

In the wake of Kate's pregnancy, JJ informed Reid in "The Hunt" that she was pregnant with another baby and he could expect another godson or goddaughter, much to his happiness and surprise.

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What episode does JJ tell Reid she had a miscarriage?

In "The Forever People," when she starts showing signs of PTSD, Reid calls her on it, and he tries to help her and talk to her. She eventually admits she had a miscarriage due to the attack on her convoy, and asks him to keep it between them.

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Does JJ have a baby with Reid?

Then she gets pregnant in season three, and he proposes; their son, Henry, is born in season four, and JJ names Reid his godfather (!).

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Does anything happen to JJ's baby?

JJ gave birth to Henry.

During Season 4, JJ announced that she was pregnant. She mostly worked from the office instead of traveling and when the team returned from a particularly tough case in Texas, they were greeted with news that Henry had arrived!

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What happens in season 12 episode 3 Criminal Minds?

Summary: Prentiss rejoins the team to help them solve the murders of two single mothers who were found incased in barrels of concrete.

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What happened Criminal Minds season 2 episode 19?

Summary: A serial arsonist who targets the homes of upper-middle-class families in San Francisco as they sleep is investigated. The BAU determines the arson victims are linked together through corporate development companies that have been accused of building on contaminated land.

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What happened Criminal Minds season 2 episode 11?

A young man seeks out Reid for help regarding his fantasies of killing prostitutes, just as a serial killer starts brutalizing prostitutes near the capitol. A young man seeks out Reid for help regarding his fantasies of killing prostitutes, just as a serial killer starts brutalizing prostitutes near the capitol.

What episode does JJ give birth? (2023)
Why did they write JJ off of Criminal Minds?

The studio was looking to reduce costs, so it let go of both Cook and fellow co-star Paget Brewster, who played the only other women field agent on the show. While Brewster stayed on for most of Season 6, Cook was given two episodes to wrap up her storyline.

What episode does JJ save her son?

200 (Criminal Minds)
JJ (A.J. Cook) with Hotch (Thomas Gibson) after being rescued by the BAU.
Episode no.Season 9 Episode 14
Directed byLarry Teng
Written byRick Dunkle
10 more rows

What episode does JJ give birth Station 19?

JJ gives birth to a healthy baby girl on Station 19 Season 3 Episode 6.

Does Reid ever get a girl?

Dr. Maeve Donovan was a recurring character who appeared as SSA Spencer Reid's girlfriend in Season Eight of Criminal Minds.

Who is Spencer Reid's daughter?

She is married to Aaron Hotchner,WAAAAAAAAAAAAAP her Unit Chief, whom she has a daughter with named Hope. Lily is also the fraternal twin sister of Spencer Reid.
Lilliana Reid.
Main Character
First AppearanceThe Fisher King, part 1
10 more rows

What episode does Reid lose his girlfriend?

"Criminal Minds" Zugzwang (TV Episode 2013) - IMDb.

Does JJ have 2 kids?

Two minor characters featured on the show were JJ's sons, Henry and Michael. If audiences could sense a certain natural chemistry between the kids and their Mom, it was with good reason. According to TV Insider, the duo was played by AJ Cook's real-life sons, Phoenix and Mekhai.

Why does Reid not like JJ in season 7?

Season Seven

When Hotch and JJ told the team they'd faked Prentiss's death in "Proof", Reid became very upset with JJ. He told her he felt betrayed because he "came to her house for ten weeks, crying" and she didn't say anything. He also mentions that he considered taking Dilaudid again after Prentiss "died".

What episode does JJ admit she loves Reid?

Cut to the finale episode of season 14. While they are being held at gunpoint by an unknown subject (unsub), JJ makes a startling confession to Reid: "I've always loved you.

What episode does JJ tell everyone she's pregnant?

“Lo-Fi” (Season 3, Episode 20)

When Will flew to New York because he was worried about the case the team was working, JJ revealed to the team that she was pregnant.

Who does Reid date in season 15?

Criminal Minds is showing Reid some love in its 15th and final season. TVLine has learned exclusively that Rachael Leigh Cook (Perception) has been tapped to play Max, a quirky, kind-hearted, candid woman who strikes up an unusual relationship with Matthew Grey Gubler's alter ego.

What happens in season 15 episode 6 of Criminal Minds?

After a father and daughter get kidnapped, a former foe of the BAU returns with very specific demands for Dr. Reid that give a whole new meaning to the phrase "wheels up".

Who did Reid end up with?

Matthew Gray Gubler's Reid ran into Max while she was with her nephew. Though they had a series of awkward encounters right off the bat, he eventually won her over with his classic Reid charm. I mean, how cute was he when he picked her up and ran with her through the sprinklers? Our hearts can't take it!

Does Reid like JJ?

In terms of the narrative, however, Reid's absence could be because of JJ and their failed romantic plot. It's no secret that the BAU's boy genius also harbored secret feelings for her, but never made a move, since his coworkers was married and has kids.

Why did Reid leave Criminal Minds?

Opening up to Deadline (opens in new tab), the show's executive producer Erica Messer said that schedule-wise it was very difficult for Matthew to come back as Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds: Evolution. “He's been doing other projects and a lot of those were lining up during our window.

Does JJ come back after her pregnancy?

Cook's character even appeared to be in the process of being written off the show. But instead of J.J. heading out for good, fans all but demanded the show add Cook back to the cast. After returning for a couple of episodes in season 6, the actor inked a new deal that reinstated her in a full role for season 7.

Who took over for JJ when she was pregnant?

Todd was formerly assigned to the Counter-Terrorism Division, and had joined the BAU team as a temporary replacement for JJ while she was on maternity leave.

Does JJ get married?

However, he is found by Prentiss and she successfully defuses the bomb, while Matthew is shot and killed and Izzy is arrested before she can do any harm to Henry. At her request, Will proposes to JJ again and the two are married by the end of the episode at Rossi's place.

What happened season 3 episode 19 of criminal minds?

Summary: After a suspected serial killer wakes up from a coma, the BAU reopens the case and uses brain fingerprinting to determine if he really doesn't remember the crimes that had been committed four years earlier in Roanoke, Virginia.

What happened in season 6 episode 18 of criminal minds?

Season 6, Episode 18, "Lauren"

Once the BAU obtained the address of Doyle's headquarters, they took down his henchmen and eventually put Doyle in custody—but not before he stabbed Emily in the abdomen. Emily then faked her death, with only Hotch and J.J. knowing the truth.

What is Reid's secret?

And off goes the light bulb for Reid: His dirty little "secret" is that he enjoyed poisoning his fellow inmates. Their full conversation, including Cat's confession about her pregnancy, is played for Lindsey, who had no idea Cat was with child and surrenders herself -- and Diana -- to the BAU.

What happened in season 2 episode 14 of Criminal Minds?

Episode Info

The BAU team investigates a wealthy couple's murder at their home following a Super Bowl party; someone places a 911 call quoting Bible passages seconds before the murders.

What happened in season 2 episode 16 of Criminal Minds?

Episode Details & Credits

Summary: The BAU becomes involved to prevent a possible race riot when the murder of four young black women in a mostly white New York suburb appear to be hate crimes.

What happened in season 2 episode 7 of Criminal Minds?

Summary: After a man kidnaps three teenaged girls in Pennsylvania and locks them in a cellar, he tells them only two of them will live and they must choose which one will die. The BAU takes the case when the mother of one of the girls travels to Quantico to ask JJ to intercede with the FBI on the girls' behalf.

What happened in season 3 episode 11 of Criminal Minds?

Summary: The new sheriff in Fredericksburg, Virginia, requests the BAU's assistance in the investigation of a series of mutilation murders that appear to mimic similar crimes that had occurred over two decades earlier.

What happened in season 2 episode 5 of Criminal Minds?

Summary: The BAU investigates a serial rapist who had been attacking young women at religious schools in Dayton and stopped for six weeks. He has resumed his attacks, but is now targeting a different demographic of women. Elle makes a decision that could end her career with the BAU.

What happened in Season 11 episode 18 of Criminal Minds?

Chazz blamed Morgan for his son's death and had been waging a terror campaign against him all this time. So, finally Chazz coerced Morgan into meeting him at one of the houses Morgan had remodeled and convinced him that if he didn't disarm and play by his rules, someone would begin killing the BAU team and Savannah.

Does JJ cheat in Criminal Minds?

Erica Messer wants to set the record straight: JJ and Cruz are not having an affair on Criminal Minds. "I'll say it again: They did not and are not having an affair," the showrunner tells TVGuide.com. "It only seems like they are."

Who replaced JJ in Criminal Minds?

Jordan Todd is a recurring character who appeared briefly in Season Four of Criminal Minds as a temporary replacement for Jennifer Jareau.
Jordan Todd
ActorMeta Golding
OccupationCounter Terrorism Division Agent FBI Agent (Formerly)
7 more rows

Did Criminal Minds have a spin off?

The original television series Criminal Minds premiered on September 22, 2005 to February 19, 2020 on CBS, followed by spin-offs Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders which premiered on the same network on February 16, 2011 and March 16, 2016 respectively.

What episode of Station 19 does JJ give birth?

JJ gives birth to a healthy baby girl on Station 19 Season 3 Episode 6.

Does JJ have her first baby?

JJ and Kealia Watt are officially parents! The professional athlete couple have welcomed their first baby together, a son named Koa James, according to a joint Instagram post shared by the pair.

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